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The Medieval Cop Wiki is a wiki centered around the browser game called Medieval Cop (which has plans for a Steam release in the future), as well as the spin off series, Medieval Angel (also known as Medieval Shorts). This wiki has not been fully developed yet and still has a lot to finish. Feel free to create pages or edit existing ones to help the creators along!

If you have any questions and/or concerns feel free to ask anyone on the forums and Discussions. For quicker answers on editing and the like, consult the Manual of Style.

Medieval CopEdit

Medieval Cop is a game series which is centered around the less-than-happy Dregg Moriss, a police officer in the medieval times. It also has its own spin-off series titled Medieval Angel (formerly known as Medieval Shorts), which stars an energetic girl called Amber Heart, the newest Officer in Rightia. There are also the Medieval Chronicles, which have little relation to the main plot but are centered around detective gameplay.

There are also a few other side-stories of varing levels of canon, such as Wolf's Bane and How the Grump Stole Christmas!

Medieval Cop is created by Vasant Jadhav, also known as Gemini Gamer. His website is

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Those looking for the RPG by the same developer should go to the AntiVillain wiki, located here (Note: we are integrating AV into the MC wiki, so please help out by putting those pages onto this wiki)


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Googley Moogley, its a mostly unrelated series! There is some stuff to cover, but it is basically the normal routine. I am writing this as the creepy intro music plays. Help. Please. You can play it here.

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We are attempting to integrate the pitiful mess that is AntiVillain Wiki into Medieval Cop wiki. This way, we can centralize VasantJ's work and actually cover AntiVillain. Please help out by adding pages relevant to AV and copying and pasting the AntiVillain pages.

Also Medieval Chronicles, a game with focus on detective gameplay, has been announced, no other knowledge about it though.

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